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Who will make the final hiring decision?

Every interviewer you will face in the recruitment process is looking to evaluate you and your skills in regards to the specific position. They may be seasoned interviewers or sometimes this is their first interview. You need to focus most of your energy on the specific interview and not the potential future interviews. However, sometimes it is good to ask this question as a follow up question to a process discovery question or to better understand the decision process.


Identify Key Decision Maker: This will help you evaluate the person who will be the key decision maker in this hiring process. This can be relevant for the interview. Sometimes you may also run into the situation where you do not actually get to meet the person taking the decision. They may rely on other people to provide them with inputs. Often the key decision maker is the last interview after you have gone through all the other interviews.

Identify Hiring Committee: Another phenomenon that you may encounter is that the decision is not made by one person, but a committee of people. This means that you often have to go through more interviews as they probably all have to interview you individually before they make their decision.

Understand the Process: This is a great interview question to get more insights into the overall recruiting process. You can with the help of this question and follow up questions better understand the process ahead.

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Underestimate Other Decision Makers: There are always other decision makers involved and it is difficult to estimate who the hiring manager trusts. They might value the opinion of one of the other interviewers or people you encounter above all others.

Focus too much on the Hiring Manager: Even if you have identified the hiring manager it is not all about them. You do not need to ask every interviewer how they relate to the hiring manager or how they know them. You do not need to ask what you think they think is important. You should focus on the specific interviewer and their needs. They will then tell the hiring manager what they think.

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