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What is your vision for your department over the next years?

The term vision is one most often found in the area of strategic planning. The strategic plan is often set on a corporate level, but there is nothing stopping us from asking it in the departmental or team setting. The team vision would focus on where the manager wants the team to be or perhaps sometimes how they want others to see the world in which they operate. The ideal vision in a business or management setting also engages the employees and inspires them to also want to achieve results. Perhaps this is the measurement to measure whether or not the vision fits you. Either way, asking your future manager to articulate it is a good first step.


Understand Vision: Often you want to feel like you are a part of a company. It is great to feel that the energy invested somehow serves a higher purpose. In order to evaluate whether this is a vision we sign up to, you first need to understand it.

Evaluate Team’s Internal Reputation: The development of a vision can sometimes reveal a lot about the organization. In the case of a team level vision, it can sometimes reveal what the perception of others in the organization may be. If the department is not seen as a value adding part of the organization, this might be something the team is trying to change. Knowing this before you sign up for the job is better than finding out after you have jumped ship.

Assess Manager’s Ability to Articulate Visions: Great leaders often have a good vision statement available even on a team level, to help better steer the focus of the team in the right direction. This can be a great follow up question to first asking about the company-wide vision statement.

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Not understanding Strategic Planning: If you are not familiar with the concept of strategic planning, this is probably something you should brush up on before you ask this interview question. You should know the difference between vision, mission and strategy. If you have worked in similar rules before, perhaps you could also try and invest some time into thinking out your own statements.

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