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What inputs do employees get in corporate decisions?

This question is more relevant for larger organizations and corporations. In smaller organizations this is generally not a problem. For a company with only a handful of employees the decisions will be fairly transparent and most often employees will be able to influence the final decision. This becomes more difficult in larger companies, where hundreds or perhaps thousands of employees are impacted by a decision. How do you manage the expectations of employees? How do you keep employees informed let alone involved in the process?


Understand Influencing Capabilities: Why does it matter that you and fellow employees are able to influence key decisions made in the organization? Simply because it is nice to work in an organization where certain decisions are not just thrown upon you, but you are able to offer your feedback. On the other hand others would say it is a utopia. Such a management system will not work as there are certain decisions that not everyone can participate in. You have to trust management to take some decisions in your best interest and of course primarily in that of the company.

Understand Feedback Mechanisms: The other aspect is the employees' ability to provide input on decisions that have already been made. Are there channels with which the executives communicate with their staff? Do they listen to the feedback from such sessions? Have they ever ratified a decision based on the feedback from employees? These are excellent follow up questions to dig deeper into this issue.

Understand Management Decisions Making: The management style of top management is often cascaded down into the organization. This means that finding out how top management interacts with the organization could reflect how your manager would interact with you. If you are a manager it is also an indication of how you are expected to act.

Evaluate Employer Attractiveness: After all this will help you evaluate whether or not you want to work for this organization. Do you feel that this is a decision making model that you can agree with?

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Overanalyzing: Use this question as one way to find out whether or not this is the right position and company for you, but see it for what it is. It is just one question and not the miracle question to all your problems.

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