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What have you liked most about working here?

This is an interview question that asks for positive feedback on what it has been like to work for the company. Similar questions are often asked to co-workers, but not a lot of people ask their future manager this. There are advantages to asking your manager. If the manager has been with the organization for a long period, this could also be an opportunity to see the personality behind the manager. It will allow the hiring manager to open up and think back on his time with the company. Follow up with questions that talk about their most memorable success or funny experience. Try to ask something that will get them out of their shell and turn them into a person.


Discover Advantages with this Employer: This is an opportunity for the hiring manager to explain what advantages there are to working here. The great thing about this question is that it is more personal than other ways of getting the same information. You will get an insight into what it has been like to work for this employer.

Personality of the Manger: Is he comfortable discussing this with you? How much of the manager’s private side will you see while you work here? Is it possible for you to develop a personal relationship with your future manager?

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Past Great Places to Work Could Be Present Nightmare: Even if this has been the best place to work for a long time, this does not necessarily mean that it is still the case. This interview questions can be followed up with others that aim to understand how this relates to the current state, for example: How is the organization different now from when you started?

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