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What do you see as the critical success factors for this role for the next 60 days?

Understanding the business setting in which you operate is very important. This is a great opportunity for you to showcase your excellent skills and expertise. There are also a lot of other reasons to ask this interview question. You can show the manager that you also want to perform and produce great results. In order to do so, you need to first evaluate the criteria for success and the factors that influence your ability to deliver results. You can also evaluate the manager's subject matter knowledge and stimulate conversation.


Signal You Care About Results Too: This question shows the employer that you care about being a productive employee as well. Just by asking this question you become a stronger candidate for this position, because every hiring manager cares about the performance of their staff.

Understand Success Factors: This can help you understand what the perceived factors are impacting success. You should of course make your own research prior to the meeting, so that asking the question can offer you insights into the manager’s perception.

Become the Best Candidate: Asking the employer this interview question during the interview could make you the best candidate. Do your homework, know your own functional area and as the manager answers, simply offer your own opinion. Do not enter into an emotional debate, but simply offer your own insights and try to add value in a nice and friendly manner. Make sure you listen to what the manager says and add value or somehow build upon what he says. Disagree and steer things in a different direction can also be good, but then you better make sure you know what you are talking about.

Evaluate Manager Subject Matter Knowledge: Start out by doing the research and find out what you believe are the right answers to this interview question. You are then better able to access the answer from the manager. Why does this matter? Without more knowledge it is not as relevant, but if you also know that the manager expects to be involved in functional decisions, you may have a problem. If the manager even expects to make the final decision this could turn into a nightmare for you. A lot of functional experts in modern organizations are allowed to make their own decisions and become the true expert of their area. A manager that meddles and butts in may cause you to reassess this position.

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