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What is your "development plan" for me for my first six months?

Find out how your employer intends to ensure that you are able to keep your skills up to date and be as productive as you can be. You can adapt the question and ask for the development plan for the first year, first two years or five years. It all depends on what management level you are interviewing and what you feel is appropriate for your industry and profession.

This question is especially useful for entry-level positions. Even if have had some practical experience next to your studies, you still need to get up to speed to how things work in the "real world". At least you need to find out more about the company and how they operate. This can all be included in a development plan that you agree on together with your manager. Some companies may of course not utilize such a strict method of organizing professional development, but most large companies do. Make sure that you take advantage of this opportunity to further your skills.


Evaluate Development Opportunity: In order to be successful in this role, but also attractive in the market in case it should not work out, you need to be up to date with the latest and have good knowledge of key areas. Often these training classes are great opportunities to increase your personal network and get to know more people. This will be good for your career, but could also have a great business impact for your employer. If you feel that the development opportunity is not good enough, perhaps you should find a different company.

Lock-Down Development Goals & Budget: If you ask this question already in the selection process, you might very well ensure that you are included in budgets and goals.

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Saying You Need Training in Core Skills: If the job you interview for requires excellent presentation skills, do not mention that there is this great presentation skills class you want to attend because you really could use a brush up. You need to make sure that you do not unintentionally undersell your own abilities by asking for training. There will be plenty of time to discuss incremental learning opportunities when you have already been hired.

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