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What attracted you to working for this organization?

This is a good question to lighten the mood a little bit. It is a bit personal, but it is relevant for the interview. It is important that you understand the values of your manager and their attitude towards the organization. Discovering why they started can be an interesting conversation starter, which can easily be followed up with additional questions to dig deeper.

This question can be asked to the hiring manager or the co-worker, but probably more relevant to ask the latter. Finding out when the co-worker joined the organization and why they chose to start working here can be relevant for our decision.


Understand Their Selection Criteria: Finding out why they started can help you better understand what motivates them. You will see where they are coming from and can then better evaluate your potential fit with them as your manager or coworker. You could of course also get answers like: it is close to where I live, they bought the company I was previously working for, my husband worked here or alike. These do not, at first glance, help us evaluate the company’s potential fit with you, but asking follow up questions might. For example: How is this company different from the one that you worked for before the merger? Do you feel your expectations were met?

Evaluate whether this is a Great Place to Work: This question is closely related to finding out what the interviewer thinks makes them a great employer. Most interviewers will also start talking about what makes this company unique. Perhaps there will be a mention of how great the people are to work with or something alike? If nothing is mentioned about this being a great place to work, perhaps you could suspect this is not?

Use as Conversation Starter: This question can help you start a conversation and get a bit more personal with the hiring manager or coworker.

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Assuming They Should Be You: People are different, which means we focus on different things. Their reasoning for selecting an employer may not reflect your own. This might still be the right place for you to feel at home.

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