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What are the most challenging aspects of the job?

With this question you can find out what the hiring manager identifies as the biggest obstacles ahead. This means you can better understand the landscape in which you would be working.

Furthermore, you can evaluate the manager's ability to evaluate the problems ahead. If your own view differs substantially from his, you may have a problem. On the other hand, this may be just the discussion to have during the interview. Depending on the disagreement, this could very well increase your chances of getting the job. Major disagreements of a more fundamental nature can be too big to tackle in this conversation, but with the right manager even this could be appreciated and get you hired.


Get the Job: If you know what the manager identifies as the biggest challenges, you can better showcase your skills and experiences in connection to them. If the most challenging aspects are already areas that you have tackled or have the required skillset for, you will increase your chances of getting the job.

Understand Your Future Role: If you are to be successful in this role, it is valuable to understand what your future manager thinks. You can then better evaluate whether or not this role is for you. If you feel that the requirements do not match your expertise, perhaps this is after all not your next pit stop. After all, the manager is here identifying the skills and experiences that he values the most.

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