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If I get hired, what are the first three assignments I will get?

Understand where the priority of the hiring manager lies and the job is yours! Use this question to understand what the priorities are and then make sure that you show how you are best suited to easily tackle those problems.


Determine Top Priorities: This question allows the manager to highlight the top priorities within this role. It also demonstrates that you know that your manager created this position for a reason; he has top priorities that you need to take care of. If you prepare a list of your own top priorities within the role prior to the interview, you can also improve your chances at getting the job. Listen to what the manager and offer to supplement or exchange his priorities with one of yours. If you have done your homework, this can really allow you to shine!

Detect a Micro Manager: If your future manager explains that you would be in charge of project A, B and C, then this shows they see the big picture. However, if they chose to explain you need to talk to Person A and B or other very specific tasks, then this may indicate the manager is detail-focused micro manager.

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