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What particular aspects about my background and experience interested you the most?

At first glance this question is a little bit strange. A lot of candidates assume that they should know everything without asking. Are you not smart enough to know without asking me? However, there is probably not one good sales person in the world that would walk into a meeting assuming they know everything about why the customer wanted to talk to them. Asking will help you understand why they were interested in talking about you in the first place.

This is an excellent interview question to ask at the beginning of the interview, to better assess what you need to highlight during the interview.


Understand Perceived Profile: Asking this interview question will help you evaluate what the employer thinks about your profile. In your opinion you might have multiple touch points with this role, but the employer might not see it this way.

Know What to Highlight: There are many reasons why your skills and experience are perceived differently from what you see as the truth. They could have seen other candidates that are much better suited for this position in those aspects. Based on experience, they have most likely simply not seen this in your resume. You could also reflect back on what has been said in this interview so far and of course also whether previous interviews have touched on these points enough. Use this knowledge to then make sure that you highlight the right aspects in your future questioning or answers. In order for this goal to be optimized you need to ask the question in the beginning of the interview.

Evaluate Resume Effectiveness: If you got the interview based on providing a resume for their consideration, this is a great feedback on that resume. Do you feel that when they describe what attracted them the most, it is what you wanted to communicate? If not, you may want to consider changing your resume for future job applications.

Evaluate if They Are Really Interested: If the interviewer cannot really say anything about your profile, you have a problem. This means that you are currently not the best candidate. This could be either because they already have other more interesting candidates in the pipeline or most likely they just didn’t have the time to read your cv. You can fix this by making sure you give them a stellar intro to who you are as well as what skills and expertise you bring to the table. Do not worry if the interviewer is not well-versed with your profile. Sometimes others do the screening and he is only presented with a handful of candidates.

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Believe They are not Intersted: Just because they did not read your CV does not mean they aren’t interested in your profile. Often new hires are conducted because there is too much work, so reading a resume doesn’t top the managers to do list. You can debate this, but it is reality and shouldn’t make you walk away from the position.

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