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I am a top performer. I like being around likeminded people. Am I going to be comfortable with the level here?

If you consider yourself to be a top performer, this is an excellent interview question for you. You first state that you are a top performer. You then express that you like working with other people of the same caliber as you. The actual question is whether or not this company is filled with high level employees or not. Most high performing employers will love this question!


Get the Job: Most employers appreciate hiring top performers. They want people who are focused on contributing and producing results. Asking this question can really improve your chances of landing the job.

Evaluate Performance Culture: This question could make some companies steer away from your profile. They will think that you are too arrogant or perhaps they deep down know that they are not a high performance work place. If so, they have a justified fear that they are not the best place for you. A work space that does not focus on results will be awful for someone that likes achieving results. Ask this interview question if you feel it is true depiction of your situation. The goal should be to find a suitable workspace for you.

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Delivery of Question is Weak: If you claim to be a top performer but your appearance is nervous and unsure of yourself, you need not bother. Unfortunately the delivery of this question needs to match the content of the question.

Being too cocky: Just as being nervous does not agree with this question, you are also not recommended to be too sure of yourself. Ideally the employer should feel that you are concerned about working in a low performance environment, but you should not appear arrogant or rude. Most jobs still require you to work with other people, so hiring someone that only sees himself is not on most companies agenda.

Lacking Examples and Track Record: Being a top performer is about delivering on your goals. If you cannot exemplify your perfect performance with a nice track record and examples, you may have a problem. Students can take examples from university case studies or experiences gathered during internships.

Limited Usage for Average Performers: Take a long hard look at yourself in the mirror. Are you truly a high performer? If you are more of an average or low performer in your previous role, do you know why? Are you certain that this new environment will allow you to produce great results? If you sell yourself as a great performer only to deliver average results, you will most likely not last long. If you set the expectations of the employer very high, you are more likely to disappoint them. Make sure that you can deliver at the level where you position yourself.

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