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Interview Questions to Ask the Interviewer

These questions to ask at an interview are sorted by the person conducting the interview with you. Depending on who you are being interviewed by, the focus of the conversation can be quite different. You may also want to stress different things in your replies to questions, depending on who is attending the meeting. Of course you can also ask several interviewers the same question. It all depends on what is important for you.

Questions to Ask During an Interview sorted by Interviewer:

Hiring Manager

This is the person you will be working for. Review these questions and take some time to establish what your own requirements are. What is important for you in your interaction with your manager? What management style works best for you? Click show all to see all the questions for this section.


It is also important to find good questions to ask in an interview when the interviewer is a future coworker. This is a perfect opportunity for you to gain insights as to the working environment that you will be joining. Three last updated questions:

HR & Recruiter

A lot of people struggle to find good questions to ask the HR representative or recruiter during an interview. The opportunity here is to address generic questions about the company as a whole as well as the corporate culture. Your questions can center more on the company as a whole in order to understand the larger environment you will be working in.