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Interview Questions to Ask the Employer

You have probably already spent countless hours preparing answers for all the tough interview questions the employer might or might not ask you. How much time have you spent preparing the interview questions to ask at an interview?

Over the years we have come across a lot of candidates that dread this portion of the job interview. Others feel that it is less complicated than when the employer asks you questions, so they spend less time preparing and end up winging it.

Why is it important to prepare
questions to ask at an interview?

It is the only part of the interview where you are in control. The interview questions that you ask during the interview are initiated by you. This means that you can not only prepare the questions but you can also rehearse complete scenarios around the questions and be pretty sure that you will be able to run through that scenario.

Preparing answers for the questions that the interviewer asks you could backfire, if they end up asking different questions. You could prepare answers for 200 questions, but what if the ones they ask you are not ones you prepared?

You also show interest in the company that you are interviewing for. Imagine going on a date and for every question you ask the date, you get a slick and perfect answer. Throughout the night you are provided with one great answer after the other and you start to fall in love. This person is just wonderful. As you are about to part ways, you ask your date "Do you have any questions you would like me to answer about myself?". You are provided with a quick "no thank you, I think everything is pretty clear" response. As you conclude the meeting and part ways, you realize that the date doesn't actually know anything about you, do they? Will you call them back? This is what you are doing if you go to an interview and do not ask questions!

Another great analogy is how successful a sales person that never listens to the customer can be. You walk in the door, answer all the questions of the customer with your best answer. The best answer must be the one that you prepared back in the office before you went here, right? You just didn't know that the customer would have bought right away if you used argument B instead of C, since that is what truly solved their need. How could you have known? By asking questions!

Of course you should still look through the interview questions that you will be asked and prepare answers. This ensures you provide better answer than something you blurt out at spur of the moment. There is also a tendency among recruiters to overanalyze responses from candidates. After all the recruiter wants to make sure that they don't hire the wrong person. Their goal is to hire the best candidate available. Knowing a few tips and tricks and why the recruiter is asking the question is essential.

Interview Question Sorting

Here you will find interview questions to ask the employer. The questions are sorted based on either the interviewer that you will be meeting in that particular interview. The person from human resources will be focusing on different topics and areas than your hiring manager. This is something that you must consider when you ask questions

We are also sorting questions based on your desired results. Consider why you are asking this question. The reason behind asking an interview question should be clear to you. If you are trying to understand more about the job role and responsibilities there are questions more suitable for this. In order to find out more about the company or to move the process forward you need completely different questions. Actually most questions have one element of trying to showcase you as the best candidate for the job, but there are a few that have this as a main focus, so these were collected in one list. Interview questions that help you avoid misunderstandings are also very important to know.

Our intention is also to deeply analyze each and every question. We want to discuss with you what the goals are behind asking this question. You can also find out what common mistakes are made when people ask this question. Sometimes we will include an example of a specific situation. This either illustrates the points already made or introduces a new concept. We also encourage you to comment and share your own stories. In case the question is a link we have already added enough content to show it. We will be adding more and more question analysis every day.

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