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How would you describe the office environment here?

Will you fit into the landscape? Is this workplace the right place for you to work? Although you should always ensure that most of the time during an interview is spent actually trying to showcase your own skills, exceptions can and should be made. It is also about ensuring that you will be greeted by a work environment that you can be productive within.


Understand Work Environment: This allows you to find out whether or not the office is somewhere you would be happy. If you hate cubicles or open landscapes, it is important you find out what type of environment you will be working in.

Rule out Hostile Environment: A hostile work environment is when employees treat each other bad within the organization. As you interpret what the coworker says in the interview, it is as much about what they say as what they do not. If the person does not explain it is a very collaborate and friendly environment, then perhaps it is not. Assessing whether or not this is a hostile environment will be impossible, but perhaps if you get a bad feeling, you can investigate with other means. Do you know someone that works there or has worked there? Someone who worked for the company where the current CEO worked before?

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