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How does this position contribute to the organization's goals, productivity, or profits?

This is an excellent question to ask the hiring manager. It can show you how he views this position in relation to major business metrics. You want to make sure that your position is aligned with business goals and that this position takes you down the right career path.


See the Big Picture: Finding out how your performance will influence goals, productivity and profits is quite interesting. This question is especially interesting for larger organizations. It helps you understand where in the big picture your tiny role can be found. Even in a smaller company, you can use this question to show that you care about the important things. In the extension this is also important to you as a profitable company is less likely to lay off people.

Understand Potential Career Opportunities: Roles that are clearly linked to revenue, profits or goals are often well respected within the organization. That your role influences these key metrics is of course an opportunity, but also means increased responsibilities. More importantly, if your role is directly linked to one of the corporation’s business goals, you should be able to get more exposure within the organization. This can lead to a promotion or other recognition for a job well done.

Ensure Alignment with Business Goals: If your manager is not able to align your responsibilities to the business goals, one could say that you have a problem. If your position is not clearly linked to the business goals and it is a new hire, what will happen should there be a wave of layoffs?

Showcase Your Business Acumen: Asking this question shows that you know that every employee must make a direct contribution to the company’s bottom line.

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Not Considering Obvious Answers: Do not ask for your roles contribution to revenue or profit if you are in sales. This is just one example of when asking this question is just a bad idea. If there are specific goals set by the organization, you can ask this question to ensure that the position is aligned with business goals. Just remember to do your own research and find potential theoretical connections between your role and the organization’s goals. Publicly traded companies write about their goals for the next business year in their annual report.

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How does this position relate to the bottom line?

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