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How many people work in this office/department?

This is a great example of interview question that needs to be asked. If you know someone that works for the company, then they can provide this information for you. It is however a great conversation starter and a very non-threatening question, so it can be good as a conversation opener. You can follow up with other questions regarding the office climate and culture.


Influence on Work Environment: Whether there are 20 or 30.000 people in the office will have a great impact on your work environment. It is definitely relevant for your selection of a position. Of course it is also influenced by size of the company as a whole. More important is however the local office in which you will be working.

Team-Work Environment: This interview questions makes it possible to understand what your competition will be like. Will you be one of many performing the same tasks? A larger company might have a squadron of your kind, enabling you to work in teams to solve bigger projects. Smaller organizations and geographic locations could lead to more involvement in the nitty gritty details. A smaller local office might also just mean phone calls with teams in other regions, where time zone problems may apply as well.

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