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How long did the person that had this job before work here?

In cases where you know that this is not a new role, it can be good to find out what has happened to the person that used to do the job that you are interviewing for. This interview question is great to ask the hiring manager or coworker as they probably have the best knowledge of what has happened to their previous coworker.

This interview question is especially suitable for situations where you know that the previous employee has left the company.


Evaluate Career Opportunity: The career development of the person previously occupying this role is of interest, but it will not entitle you to the same career development.

Organized or Chaotic Current State: The way that the previous employee left the company can reveal in what state you are assuming command. If the previous person was fired or only worked a short period of time, this could indicate that tasks were not completed and things are in a complete mess. This is important to know for your onboarding when you take over, but first you need to get the job. If they had one “bad recruit”, they may try to avoid further embarrassment by focusing more on the skills and qualifications that the previous employee did not have. If you can follow up on this question and fish out those qualifications, the job is as good as yours!

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