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How are executives addressed by their subordinates?

Different companies have different rules in place. There are either policies in place or unwritten rules that the entire organization simply follows. Whether you can simply walk up to any executive and tell them about your concerns is mostly governed by unwritten rules. This question tries to identify how open the organization is or if there are multiple layers of management that should be respected.


Evaluate Hierarchical Levels: This interview questions can help you discover the hierarchy within the organization. You will gain insights into how many levels of management there are. If the organization disapproves direct interaction with executives or discourages contact, this is definitely not a completely open environment.

Determine Executive’s Approachability: You could of course argue that some companies have a particular situation. If there are 90.000 employees, how would that work with everyone approaching the CEO all the time? Of course it would not, but this does not mean that you need to bow and look away every time the CEO walks down the hallway. Furthermore, most sane people will never approach the CEO unless they have something really important to say.

Evaluate Opportunities from Foreign Companies: If this is an organization with its base in another country, different rules may apply. Often the organization in your country will conform to local customs and regulations. It may still be worth it to ask this question in order to ensure that this is the state in which they are operating. Perhaps the foreign company still has values and customs that you can agree to and are not so foreign to you at all.

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Assume People tell the Truth: There are sometimes unwritten rules within an organization. People should in some organizations not approach management. In others you should go through the management chain. People may not be aware of this. They may not distort the truth on purpose. The organization has colored them over the years. They just assume something or act a specific way.

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