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Now that we've had a chance to talk, how does my background measure up to the requirements of the job? To the other candidates?

Most great interviews involve a dialogue. This means a giving and taking between the interviewer and the candidate. You need to make sure that you highlight your skills and really allow the interviewer to see why you are the best person for the job. In reality you are doing so in a vacuum. You tell them your strengths and they nod and smile, but this question enables you to find out what they are thinking. It is really worth asking this question! Some may evade or provide a generic answer, but most experienced recruiters will actually tell you what they think.


Receive Feedback: This question is sometimes what you need to ask to get hired, well at least get you one step closer to the goal. It is a nice way of asking the interviewer for feedback. Feedback can help you understand what you need to do to still get hired. Worst case scenario it can help you prepare for other interviews and job interviews.

Highlight your Strengths: Depending on what the feedback is, this might be a great opportunity to once again highlight your strengths. Often repetition is the key. This time, you can also skew your pitch so that you better respond to the feedback you just received.

Understand Competition: Selecting the best candidate for a position, which is what the hiring manager is trying to do, is never just about you. It is about you in contrast to other candidates on the market, as well as the requirements of the jobs of course. Sometimes companies can revise their requirements when they see just how competitive the market is, so even if you are not a 100% match to a position, you might still be the one they hire. However, you will not be the one they hire if you do not rack up to your competition. This question can enable you to understand just how competitive the job market in your field is right now. Do not get too focused on this though. It is not as much about your skills as how you are able to communicate them.

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