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How can I quickly become a strong contributor within your organization?

All managers want their team to be productive. They want you to produce great results and ideally with as little involvement from them as possible. Even a micro manager wants you to have the skills and experience necessary to be successful in your roles. They may just want to be involved in order to avoid potential problems and issues.

There are different things that influence your ability to shine within an organization. Your manager and his skill set is of course one. His ability to make sure that you become the best you can be, but also the corporate setting in which you operate. The organization can have different traits and value different skills and attributes in their top performers. Another influencing factor is the industry in which the employer is operating as well as the type of products or services being sold as well as the target audience of those products. Functional factors also influence your ability to be successful. A person working in purchasing will need different skills than a sales person to be successful.


Understand Requirements for Success: You want to be successful in your role, right? This question can truly help you understand what will make you successful in this organization. Corporate, divisional and team level guidance can be addressed.

Evaluate Manager's People Development Skills: Your manager has already been successful within this environment, so he can explain to you what you need in order to be successful in this organization. If you feel his answers are

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