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Do you have any reason to not consider inviting me back for a second interview?

This question can be difficult to ask, but it may be very important. It is a great opportunity to make sure that there are no mix-ups. Perhaps you will not get a second interview, because they feel that you lack the right skill set. You need to ask this question in order to understand what your current standing may be. Ask this as a follow up question to Now that we've had a chance to talk, how does my background measure up to the requirements of the job? To the other candidates?


Reposition your Profile: This interview question is a great way to clear up potential misunderstandings. It allows the interviewer to provide you feedback on your profile in regards to the job. If you feel that some piece of information is missing, then by all means make sure the interviewer is aware of this. The interview question makes it possible for you to reposition yourself so that you are once again seen as the best candidate.

Get the Job: What if you don't get the job because they believe you do not know about subject X? You just managed an X project in your previous role, but failed to mention so during the interview. The last few minutes of the interview could have been used to make sure that they know about this, which would increase your chances of a potential call back.

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