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Do you have an organizational chart of the company?

This job interview questions enables you to understand how the company is structured. You can find out who works for whom, but more importantly how departments are connected and whether or not management has an overview. Does the structure make sense to you? Do you think that they have the "team line-up" in place for success?

Even if the company does not have a org chart available, you can continue the discussion around organizational structure by simply asking the interviewer to draw one. All we need is a blank piece of paper or we can use the flipchart or whiteboard in the room. It can be important to understand the structure in which you will be operating, prior to accepting the job.


Understand Organizational Structure: It is a great question to start a conversation. Follow-up questions can be asked to allow the interviewer to explain the structure in detail. Who reports to whom? What departments do they have? What department will you be working in? What other departments within your functional area are there?

Assess Organizational Stability: Look out for signs in regards to the dynamics of the company. If the person doesn't know or isn't able to produce one, perhaps this is an indication that the workplace often makes changes to the structure. This is not bad per say, but at least important for you to know. Does this match what you are looking for? A college or the hiring manager may not have one, but the HR representative in larger companies should be able to produce an org chart.

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