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Could I see my future work space?

This question when used right can be a great tool better get to know the employer. You are practically shifting the interview out of the secure environment of the conference room or board room. You are taking into the office environment and a person skilled at reading their environment and people around them can gain valuable insights into the work environment at this company. You do however need to consider whether this is truly the best one to ask out of all the interview questions to ask the employer listed on this site.


See Your Future Work Environment: If you think it is very important to understand where you will be working, then this is the perfect question. It will hopefully allow you to see the work environment for this position.

Soak in the Atmosphere: To get to your work space, you might just get to walk around the office a bit more. This could be a great way of getting a better feel of the company.

Shift Interview to a more Relaxed Atmosphere: If you are sitting in a stale, boring conference room, this will bring you out of that room and into a more relaxed environment.

Showcase Your Social Skills: I have seen interviews where CXO-Level candidates seized the opportunity to talk to people passing by or standing next to them as we waited for the elevator. This showed the interviewer that they do have social skills. In one particular case I am almost convinced it was what actually got him the job. Please note that not everyone can pull this off. Let me also emphasize that he didn’t ask questions about the employer or what the person thinks about working there.

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