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Can you tell me about the other members of the team?

This interview questions is great to ask the employer representative in order to understand how your manager works with his team.

There is also great potential in this question. Since the manager can more or less freely talk about the team, you can find out what he thinks. Try to read between the lines using the tips below and perhaps you will be one step closer to understanding whether you want to work for this manager or not. Does he have the right attitude towards his staff? Does it feel like he cares about them and is proud of their achievements?

As the hiring manager answers your question and starts to describe the team, try to image if this is how you would want him to describe you? Can you picture him describing you and your accomplishments? If not, then perhaps you should keep looking for someone that can speak for you.


Get to know the Team Members: This question should of course lead to a better understanding of the team and their responsibilities. How do they work with each other? Who are the team mates? Perhaps you will even get a short introduction as to the personality or traits of your future coworkers.

Evaluate Capacity for Teamwork: The way a manager presents the team and its accomplishments can tell you a lot about the way the team works together. Does it feel like the answer demonstrates that the team works together to solve issues? Do you feel it is a consolidation of various people into a team, but working on their own goals? This can be important to evaluate whether or not you want to work for this company.

The Hiring Manager's Focus: When the manager answers your question, please pay close attention. Is the focus mostly on performance or on the members’ contribution to the results? Does it feel like he is proud of his team? This can help you better understand whether you want to work for him.

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