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Can you give me more detail about the position's responsibilities?

This question can be asked to find out more about the responsibilities of the role. This question is only to be used in cases where it is unclear or to establish whether you are also allowed to make decisions. If the responsibilities are clearly defined in the job description, you need to think hard about where specifically you have questions. Where do you feel that the description is not elaborate enough to fully understand what your responsibilities are?


Understand Responsibilities: it is important for you to not only understand your allocated tasks but also where the manager expects you to assume responsibility.

Ability to Make Decisions: Another interesting factor to weigh in when discussing responsibilities is the decision making power. It is one thing to be responsible for a goal or project, but who is the person that is allowed to make decisions. Being responsible for goals, but not having the authority to make decisions can be very troublesome. This interview questions can be used during interviews to better understand how they match up to one another.

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