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Are there any areas in which you feel that I fall short of your requirements?

This question asks the interviewer to tell you what they think about your profile. They are able to provide you will valuable input on what they believe your shortcomings are in terms of this job. How well do you meet expectations? As they review your profile in light of the requirements for this role, how are you matching up?


Evaluate Current State: You can use this question to see what the interviewer thinks about you. How you came across in the interview. You have to read between the lines a bit, but it can definitely give you an indication of your current standing. You also offer the opportunity to address potential shortcomings in your profile.

Get to the Next Stage: For a good interview this is a great way to address that you would like to move on to the next stage. It can also when properly used increase your chances of actually getting the job.

Avoid misunderstandings: As the interviewer explains to you what potential short comings you may have, you should listen carefully. Let them clarify their view and identify potential problems with your profile. If you feel that their view of you is somehow correct, point out other strengths with your profile that you believe other candidates might not have. If you feel that something has been missed or overlooked, you can provide this example. Perhaps you have an example that their assumptions or opinion is not correct?

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Being Defensive: Feedback is your friend. Part of the difficulty is to not enter defensive mode. Do not jump into answer mode. Let the person clearly explain their objections and then if you can respond to offer insights. Sometimes you just have to note down the feedback that you get and keep it in mind for future interviews. Based on the feedback you can change your prepared answers to perhaps better showcase your skills.

Not Listening: There is also a clear tendency for some candidates to not listen to what the interviewer is saying. They jump in and try to fix the misunderstanding, but miss the mark. If you offer an additional comment that is not hitting the mark, you will not get yourself back in the ball game.

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